Engineering Services

Environmental Project Management

Project Management
Management experience includes project management of feasibility studies, design projects, construction of remediation systems, construction of wastewater treatment systems, long-term operation and maintenance of remediation systems, and consulting projects for municipal and industrial clients. Project management includes to multi-million dollar projects under different contracting mechanisms which include time-and-materials, fixed-price, and fixed-price guaranteed contracts.

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Pre-Engineering and Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies identify the best technology for a project or an application based on performance and functional requirements. The studies estimate preliminary sizes of process equipment, identify issues that may affect performance, and estimate capital/operations costs for each alternative. Where applicable, feasibility studies estimate carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions increase or reduction.

Process Engineering

Process engineering includes selection and sizing of process equipment, preparing process flow diagrams, process and instrumentation diagrams, and technical specifications. Depending on the project we prepare performance specifications or detailed technical specifications. Where applicable, we select and specify fully automated skid-mounted systems into our processes which are designed and assembled by equipment suppliers for quick delivery and startup.

Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Operations and maintenance manuals are prepared for new and existing processes. These manuals are prepared to offer technicians and operators a technical reference, and are designed to enhance technical knowledge at several skill levels. The manuals can be used to comply with ISO 14000 requirements and maintain quality control.


We identify standard operating procedures and train technicians to operate and monitor environmental processes. For trained technicians, we provide training and technical support to optimize processes such as chemical dosing systems, biological wastewater treatment systems and soil remediation systems. The purpose of ongoing operator training is to improve process performance and lower operations costs.

Process Improvements, Optimization, and Energy Efficiency

Process reviews are performed to identify opportunities to improve process functionality through process monitoring, automation, control, identification and removal of bottlenecks. Process optimization is performed for all environmental processes to reduce operations costs while improving process performance and reducing energy costs.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

We provide consulting and engineering services to companies that plan to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through voluntary or government programs. GHG reduction projects include: estimating GHG emissions, identifying process improvement opportunities, estimating capital costs, energy efficiency, GHG emissions reduction/increase estimates, and income/expense estimates associated with credits and taxes (GHG credits and carbon taxes will depend on the clean development mechanism).

Web Assisted Project Management

To assist communications with clients and or regulators, we use web assisted project management to update status and project information.