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Pilot Testing an Advanced Oxidation System at Salton Sea, Salton Sea Authority, Imperial County, California

As part of a feasibility study intended to identify technical options to restore the water quality in a lake, an advanced oxidation system pilot test was performed to demonstrate the technology, and obtain operations data for a system pre-design and cost estimate.

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Improving Environmental Process Operations with Instrumentation, Control, and Web Tools

Operator Training
To improve the operation of environmental processes, we identify process improvement opportunities which include process automation and control, process monitoring and data logging, process redesign, and operator training.

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Redesign and Troubleshooting of Remediation Systems | Los Angeles, California

Remediation of Gasoline Impacted Soil and Groundwater Two neighboring sites owned by the client were impacted with a plume of gasoline released by leaking underground storage tanks. To abate the problem, the client installed two groundwater treatment systems and a soil vapor extraction system. All systems were failing to operate or operated with substantial down-time. Continue reading

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Biological Wastewater Treatment and Operations Training in Argentina

Secondary Clarifiers
A wastewater treatment process at a potato processing plant located in Argentina was experiencing continuous upsets with their activated sludge treatment system. A hands-on training program was implemented to teach operators to monitor and control the two existing biological treatment processes consisting of a low rate anaerobic wastewater treatment pre-treatment and an activated sludge treatment system.

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