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Environmental Services for the Aerospace Industry

Our project experience includes environmental engineering services for the aerospace industry which includes remediation of former aerospace sites that pre-date World War II (also called legacy sites), and several CERCLA sites located in Southern California.

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Soil and Soil Gas Investigation, San Fernando Valley, California

When seven production wells operated by a Southern California water purveyor reported concentrations of hexavalent chromium and perchlorate above regulatory limits for drinking water, a multiagency effort was conducted to identify sources of chemicals of concern.

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Perchlorate Groundwater Investigation, Barstow, California

The Salton Sea, California
A Southern California regulatory agency suspected that illegal disposal of perchlorate had impacted the soil and groundwater of a residential property located in Barstow, California. A groundwater investigation project was conducted at a suspected source of perchlorate site, and extended 1.5 miles offsite. The groundwater investigation project fully delineated the extension of perchlorate impacted groundwater and identified remediation alternatives.

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Biological Reduction of Selenium, Nitrates, Chromium, and Perchlorate

Description of the Biological Reduction Process Biological treatment is used in a wide range of water and wastewater treatment applications for the removal of biodegradable constituents. The biological treatment process can also be modified and used to reduce nitrates, oxides … Continue reading

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