Lubricant Oil Spill Response, South Gate, California

Southgate Internsection

Southgate Railroad Intersection

An emergency cleanup response was performed after a lubricant oil release occurred at the as a result of railroad tank car colliding with a road tanker. The incident caused a release of approximately 7,000 gallons of lubricant oil to soil in the vicinity of the incident and into a nearby storm drain. In response to the lubricant oil release, the impacted soils adjacent to the railroad line were excavated. Since a rain event occurred shortly after the release, the work included surface water containment and removal. Hazardous waste removal activities included soil excavation, confirmatory soil sampling, backfilling, waste profiling, and waste (soil and water) disposal activities. A total of 294 tons of impacted soil were removed from the site for thermal treatment and recycling; 3,700 gallons of non-RCRA hazardous waste liquid were and transported offsite; 43,600 gallons of non-RCRA hazardous waste liquid and 3,800 pounds of oil soaked absorbent were removed from the site for disposal. All waste streams were disposed in accordance with Federal and State regulations and reports were prepared for the lead regulatory agency.

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