Environmental Services for the Oil and Gas Industry

California Refinery

California Refinery

Project experience with the oil and gas industry includes a wide range of environmental services from due diligence to remediation of retail sites, marine terminals, tank farms, and refineries. Environmental consulting and engineering services includes water resources management; soil and groundwater remediation; water treatment, and long-term environmental management of petroleum hydrocarbons.

Specific retail and refinery project experience includes emergency spill response, feasibility studies, operation and technical support of small and high-capacity air-sparge and soil vapor extraction systems; technical support for wastewater treatment systems, evaluation of cleanup and abatement of MTBE and TBA; and regulatory support including permitting with government agencies including the regional boards, DTSC, air quality control boards and EPA.

Representative projects are listed below.

Large Oil and Gas Sites

  • Remedial Systems Evaluation, California Refinery
  • Air Sparge Operation and Maintenance, California Refinery
  • Soil Vapor Extraction, California Refinery
  • Operation and Maintenance of Air Sparge and Soil Vapor Extraction Systems
  • Interim Remedial Action Plan, Marine Terminal
  • Remedial Action Plan, Marine Terminal, California
  • Sampling and Analysis Plan, Marine Terminal, California
  • Design and Technical Specifications Large Excavation and Thermal Treatment of LNAPL Impacted Sites
Emergency Response

  • Gasoline Spill Response Wrightwood, California
  • Lubricant Oil Spill Response at South Gate, California
Fuel Retail Station (Multiple Sites)

  • Environmental Investigation and Contaminant Delineation
  • Redesign, Troubleshooting and Redesign of Existing Remediation Systems
  • Pump and Treat Systems Design and Operation
  • Air Sparge Pilot and Air Sparge System Design
  • Soil Vapor Extraction Pilot Testing and Design
  • Bench Scale and Pilot Scale Advanced Oxidation Systems with Ozone/Peroxide
  • Advanced Oxidation Systems Design with Ozone/Peroxide
  • Excavation and Disposal of Chemically Impacted Soil
  • Pilot Testing of SVE and Air Sparge Systems
  • Operation and Maintenance of Air Sparge and Soil Vapor Extraction Systems
  • Remedial Action Plans
  • Sampling and Analysis Plan
  • Regulatory Closure Requests and Regulatory Support
Regulatory Support

  • California Regional Boards
  • Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE)
  • California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC)

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