Feasibility Study for Treatment of Produced Water, Oil and Gas Client, Orange County, California

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Site in Southern California

The site is an active oil and natural gas production property that currently re-injects approximately 135,000 barrels per day (BPD) of produced water. As a result of limited reinjection capacity, the facility was required to treat and discharge up to 30,000 BPD of produced water to the sewer system. Produced water required treatment to comply toxicity limits outlined in the sewer by-laws. A feasibility study was performed to evaluate the most cost effective of the following: (1) air stripping and vapor treatment with a vapor phase activated carbon system (VPGAC); (2) stripping with produced natural gas; (3) liquid phase activated carbon treatment; and (5) advanced oxidation systems ozone and peroxide. Advanced oxidation was selected by the client based on cost-effectiveness, system functionality, process flexibility and waste management considerations.

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