Improving Environmental Process Operations with Instrumentation, Control, and Web Tools

Operations Training

Water Treatment System Training

Engineering and management or management support services are available for water treatment processes and remediation processes that are affected by continuous downtime resulting from process malfunction, process upsets, land lack of instrumentation and control. These support services are used to identify process improvements through process automation, process redesign and operator training among other.   To improve on operations management, we add necessary instrumentation and control system, train technicians, and support operations with web based tools.

Instrumentation, Control and Remote Monitoring
To improve and maintain process uptime, we identify process issues that may lead to shutdown events and develop strategies to manage those issues.  We specify changes to programmable logic controllers, process control system redesign, sensor installation to monitor process variables, process automation and installation of remote monitoring systems or pagers designed to alert operators of a shutdown event.  Process upgrades are identified based on client requirements and budgets. We use e-mail to notify operators of errors and operating conditions using PLCs or chart recorders.

Operations Management
When we design and operate processes, we use operations data to identify areas of improvement.   We have taken-over management of many water treatment and remediation processes after the client experienced many years of reduced process performance. We continuously identify process improvement alternatives.  

Technicians Training
We provide adequate training of technicians on process equipment, process functionality and troubleshooting.  To support tanning we prepare operations and maintenance manuals, and compile equipment specifications for reference.

Web Based Project Management
We use project web pages as a one stop location to update clients projects status, post operations reports, MSDS sheets, health and safety plans, contingency plans, and manuals.

The same page can be used to support operation and maintenance using posted schedules, and reference materials such as parts lists, specifications, manuals, standard operating procedures, health and safety plans. Web based documents support training, coordination and help share information to keep our projects moving forward.

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