Air Emissions Permitting | Greenhouse Gas Inventories Reduction

Air and GHG Emissions
Air emission services apply to remediation processes and manufacturing facilities. We assist companies within the following industrial sectors: oil and gas, food processors, paints and coatings, water treatment, and remediation. GHG related services include GHG emissions reduction, energy efficiency, and regulatory support associated with clean development mechanisms (CDM).

Air Emissions Permitting
For industrial clients we prepare air emissions permits (permits-to-operate in California). Permitting includes (1) preparing emissions estimates based on mass balances and specifications for existing emission control equipment; (2) performing emissions models to calculate health risks; (3) preparing applications on behalf of industrial clients; and (4) providing regulatory support.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reduction
Companies that are required to reduce their GHGs can use our services to perform the following: (1) select and design emissions control equipment; (2) modify existing processes to reduce the amount of GHGs emitted; (3) perform baseline GHG emissions reports, and (4) estimate the amount of GHGs emissions reduced/increased overtime. Note that GHG estimates and verification are governed by each country’s regulatory framework and verifiers used in each project are state and country specific.

Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency has been used by clients as an effective mechanism to reduce GHGs and reduce operations costs. Energy efficiency programs can be outlined and implemented independently, or included in a GHG emissions reduction program.

Regulatory Support and Clean Development Mechanisms (CDMs)
We are familiar and have worked with different carbon markets. For international projects, we have worked with Clean Development Mechanisms (CDMs) and Joint Implementation (JI) offices.


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